Saturday, November 24, 2012


It's been quite a while since I've done a Podcast Episode, life has just been way too busy. Fret not. I have almost two weeks of holidays after Xmas, and WGK#3 will be out during that time if not before. In the meantime, enjoy a collection of some fairly hard to come by stuff from Seattle's legendary Undertow. The "Edge Of Quarrel" which is a bootleg CD by Germany's Lost & Found Records, containing their first demo before John switched from bass to vocals, the Resolution split 7", a track from the "Words To Live By" Comp, and a previously unreleased song. Basically, everything else that wasn't included on the Everything CD. Also in this collection are the two bonus songs from the CD version of the Control 7". "Taken" and "Cedar" which were previously also included on the "At Both Ends" LP, but the two versions here, are alternate recordings. There was no insert in the CD, so I can't tell if they were recorded during the Control sessions, or were actually demo's recorded before the EP. Regardless, they are both rad. Next is the 1994 live on the air set for "On The Edge" Radio show out of New Jersey, which was first posted by our friends Justin and Chip at the awesome x Stuck In The Past x Blog. Lastly is a live set from their 2009 reunion show in San Diego, CA, that has some pretty good sound. Enjoy! XXX

                                UNDERTOW - Everything Else