Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Well, Episode#2 is finally done. Only took me 3 months longer than expected, but what are you gonna do? Below is your choice of DL'ing options. The show is 2 Hours. Please share the Blog page links to friends, and help spread the word.
Thanks, Jason XXX 

MP3 Download Link:
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*Re-Upped DL Link for Episode#1:

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Cipher - Higher States Protoculture LP 1999 SP
Redemption 87 - Rumor Mill S/T LP 1996 New Age
SNFU - Fate Fyulaba 1986 Epitaph
Retaliate - The Opus Thorns Without A Rose CD 2011 Indy
Crown Of Thorns - The Juggernaut Trainyard Blues 1995 EVR
Hoods - Ernie Cortez The King Is Dead LP 2005 Eulogy
Voivod - Tribal Convictions Dimension Hatross 1988 Noise
Samiam - Capsized Clumsy LP 1994 Atlantic
Trapped Under Ice - Born To Die 2011 Goodfight Ent.
Sam Black Church - Infernal Machine S/T LP 1993 Taang
Doomsday Device - OBHC Family Pride LP Industrial Strength
Powerhouse - Color vs Pride What Lies Ahead LP Resurrection A.D.
Dwarves - Workingclasshole Born Again LP 2011 MCD
Inside Out - Burning Fight No Spiritual Surrender EP 1995 Revelation
Maximum Penalty - Tribulations Life And Times LP 2009 Reaper
Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks Money Talks LP Metal Blade 1987
Only Crime - Fallen To The Nines LP 2004 Fat
Slapshot - Another Mistake Greatest Hits, Slashes, Crosschecks LP 2002 

Bridge 9
Strike Anywhere - Chorus Of One Chorus Of One 2000 LP No Idea
The Last Stand - Watch Me Go EP 2011 1124
H2O - Sick Boy Don’t Forget Your Roots LP 2011 Bridge 9
Pipebomb - Hare Rama 1994 S/T Demo
Between Earth And Sky - Damnatio Memorale Of Roots And Wings LP 2011 Refuse
Breakdown - Sick People NYHC-The Way It Is Comp. LP 1988 Revelation
Grave Maker - Seducer Ghosts Among Men LP 2011 Victory
Sludge - Cat Piss Vancouver Hardcore 88-96 CD Pancratiom
Sparkmarker - Tamarack Products & Accessories CD Final Notice
Inpublic - Track 5 Demo 2010
Capone - The Awakening What We’ve Shared 7” 1995 Heartfirst
Blindside - We Stand As One Demo 1993
True Blue - World Collapse The Ice EP 1999 Crucial Response
Brady’s Problem - Brady’s Problem CD 2010 Absolute Underground
Discharge- Protest And Survive Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 1982 Clay
Procreation - Morbid Reality Incantations Of Demonic Lust... LP 

Nuclear War Now
Second coming - Fraction Final Demo
Corrosion Of Conformity - Mad World Animosity LP 1985 Death

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